Embracing our Fitra fil ‘Ard

It is by the Mercy of Allah that through His Infinite Wisdom and Knowledge He, the Most Exalted, had Created within us a spectrum of elements. We have in us animalistic elements, nature elements, earthly elements – meant for us to fit in the “space” of creation accordingly as we walk in this world as one who would take care of it.

Such is the beauty of our religion, that perhaps in the paradigm of faith, occurrences that affect the condition of the Earth in consisting every single element that exists from within us – would also in turn affect us, as a connection from element to element.

A manifestation of Godly attributes in all Creations and in us, is an affirmation of the term assigned to us as that to who were placed on Earth.

In the declaration we make rooted upon One and the Oneness attributed to it, acknowledging also our Beloved, the final messenger salAllahu ‘alayhi wasallam – we declare upon ourselves a complete connection with all of the Creations and a responsibility towards them.

The definition of the term “Khalifah fil-Ard” exceeds beyond the simplicity of a successor, a vicegerent, or someone who looks after something and also beyond simply a land, the earth, and of this world.

By the Will of God, nature gives more than we need – and how we respond to such a generosity, is extremely detrimental to the state we are in, and the symphony that binds us to this Earth and the Universe.

So…. as the catchphrase goes…
Shall we put the Fitra back into being the tree we all are? 😉



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