Humans of FiTree: Nurul Alia Binte Mohd Adom

Nurul Alia is our youngest core member in FiTree and she has helped out in multiple events including FiTree Arcade and FiTree Walks. She always knows how to bring cheer and awesome into our events.

Q: How has FiTree inspired you?

I got to hear about Fitree from my sisters and grew interested in them just because of these words: “Go green! It is part our Deen.”
I heard from my sister about her Fitree experiences and saw how she has changed(in a good way). She made the habit of taking wudu by using lesser water(following Rasul s.a.w). She shares the knowledge she gains from her experiences to us. She was one of the reasons why im so ‘onz’ with the 3Rs and being green.

So how has fitree inspired me? My answer would be because my sister inspired me. My sister inspired me to discover ways on how green can be ur deen. And most importantly, how u can apply that knowledge or SHARE it with others (For example, through the many interactive projects Fitree has done). I wanted to keep my deen and greeny-ness on check from then on. So i decided joining Fitree could help me in that too.

Ive join Fitree for a few months now and i make new discoveries and learn so much from the older sisters and brothers there. It is truely an eye opener.Behind Fitree, there is a group of people who are so enthusiatic in finding discoveries and learning and sharing things(Theres jus many wise-green-things that they talk about that i cant list them out. So ill jus say things) with one another. And it really motivates me to further improve myself spiritually, socially and in the things i do too.

I guilty-ly admit of being part of the buy&throw culture and being wasteful (of food, plastics, materials, water, electricity etc). Besides that, I had also come to a point where sometimes meeting friends, being dutiful to my cca and staying to finish schoolwork was more important than praying zuhr or asr. Sometimes being surrounded by friends who did these same things further encouraged me to continues doing these guiltful things.

So now im trying to surround myself with people who can help me in trying to improve myself and also remind me of Allah. Cos at the end of the day, for whatever that I’m doing (be it discovering, benefiting, learning, growing, using things) i try to do it for Allah.

Let FiTree inspire you too!

FiTree is a 100% non-profit volunteer group. We are always seeking for people who are passionate to spread awareness that being Green is part of our Deen. If you are interested to join us in our quest, contact us at

“And it is He (God) who has made you successors (khala’ifa) upon the earth and has raised some of you above others in degrees [of rank] that He may try you through what He has given you. Indeed, your Lord is swift in penalty; but indeed, He is Forgiving and Merciful.” (Qur’an 6:165).


Featured Image taken by Muhammad Faiz Bin Rosli

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