About FiTree


fitree_logo for fb (1)FiTree is a fresh seedling of a youth group made up primarily of tertiary students and graduates who gathered together with the intention of reminding the Singapore Muslim community to return to our fitrah (natural state) as true khalifah fil ardh (Stewards of the Earth).

In Ramadhan of 2013, we ran our first mosque-centric campaign to create awareness that being Green and environmentally-friendly is an important part of Islam. Through this realisation, we hope that our fellow Muslims will change their daily habits in ways that are more fitting with our God-ordained role as Stewards of the Earth.

After the inaugural Ramadhan campaign, we have since diversified and expanded the scope of our work through collaborations with a variety of organisations such as masjids, madrasahs, corporates and Muslim student societies.

FiTree’s Key Green Messages:
Islam is submitting to the Will of Allah. He creates us and the Earth, and only to Him do we obey and worship.

  • The value of nature is raised high by Allah, and in nature lies signs of His existence
  • Our amanah as Khalifah fil ardh (Stewards of the Earth)
  • Commandment to maintain the ecological balance (Al-Mizan)
  • Repugnance of Wastefulness
  • Fruits and Fire (Rewards and Punishment for all our actions)

FiTree’s Key Projects:

  • Wudhu’ With Less Water
    Rasulullah, peace be upon him, admonished the wastage of water, even while taking wudhu’ by a flowing river. We share how we can take a complete wudhu’ using the convenience of a tap, with just half a litre of water. We provide portable wudhu’ stations for mass events.
  • FiTree Walks
    We take people of all ages out for walks through nature areas such at Mount Faber park and Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, and open their eyes to things in nature that they always see, but may not really see with deep appreciation and reflection on our duty as caretakers of the Earth.
  • FiTree’s Arcade
    We remind the young and young-at-heart that we don’t need new toys to be happy; making our own games out of cardboard and recyclables can be just as satisfying.
  • Green Iftars
    We promote the use of environmentally-better alternatives to plastic and foam disposable tableware at partner masjids and organisations.
  • FiTree Talks
    Organisations, corporates and schools engage us to do short lunchtime and assembly talks to share simple green habits that everyone can easily adopt
  • Social Media
    We invest considerable efforts in online awareness-creation and education through Facebook, Instagram and our website.
  • Posters
    Our posters bearing practical tips on how to be Green for the Deen can be found at mosques and musollahs all over Singapore.

As you can see, most of our projects are collaborative in nature; we create awareness that being Green is part of our Deen, while helping to fulfill the other aims of the organisations that we engage. We are a 100% voluntary non-profit group, and are always on the lookout for more volunteers and new collaborations.

As a young seedling, we yearn for nourishment and are eager to grow. Please feel free to contact us at greenfitree@gmail.com should you like to engage us, have any suggestions or would like to join our team.We sincerely pray for your support and Allah’s pleasure. Ameen!


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